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A Proven Model for Success

The Dragonfly Aerial Company licensing program is designed to give you a
"Turn Key" solution to create additional revenue for your facility through exciting programs that will significantly set you apart from your local competitors.  Our program will provide you with the tools you need for success without headaches! Rigging, Curriculum, Marketing, Training...
We walk you through the process. 
As there are gyms of all sizes, our program can be catered to fulfill your needs.  
We even integrate with Jackrabbit!


The Dragonfly Aerial Company uses only the best in Aerial Hardware for our gym installations! We do not use just re-purposed rock climbing gear for our gyms. We have an agreements with Vertical Art Dance, ATS and with Aerial Essentials, an equipment provider that has led the way in providing quality, tested, aerial specific hardware.  Aerial Essentials is the first to brand their own line of aerial hardware insuring that we always get exactly what we need for the purpose we are buying it for.  We have many options to get your program in the air.  We can Gacflex™ over structural beams, use beam clamps (when appropriate), bolted plates or just bring in our own trussing system...


The idea of properly rigging your aerial program could be daunting.  After all, we have a lot of precious cargo to care for in our Dragonfly classes.  

It is not just our curriculum that is safety-focused.  Our rigging is created with a safety exit plan and the ability to lower out apparatus for changing.  We go above and beyond to provide the safest situation possible for your program. The Dragonfly Aerial Company works with qualified riggers to design the ideal rigging situation specifically for your gym. Our program installations are designed to be safe & cost effective & we offer options and solutions designed around your facility!  We may use your gyms existing structure or we can bring in one of our own!  We work with Vertical Art Dance & The ATS team, (yeah, those are the guys who design the structures for American Ninja Warrior), to get your program in the air in no time!

Flight School

When you become a Dragonfly Licensee, we will send one of our qualified trainers to your facility to train your staff in fundamental aerial mechanics & essential spotting.  We will be able to assess which of your staff are best suited to be your flight instructors saving you time & money. 

We will teach your staff basic rigging & equipment maintenance &  send reminder alerts to check the integrity of the equipment, wash fabrics & re-tape hoops. We are professional members of American Circus Educators and utilize their teacher training guidelines as our backbone.

Marketing Support

Your custom webpage, promotion for your Dragonfly affiliation, your marketing brochures & apparel: we've got you covered!  We will arm you with e-mail blasts, a Facebook page, parent letters, artwork-ready ads & posters.  All for the promotion of your new gym program! We'll even advise you social media campaigns.  

Your program will get noticed!

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