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1 License = 9 Programs

If you are going to invest in a "Turn Key" licensing program to expand your program offerings and increase your revenue, choose

a program that will grow with you!

A proven program tested over decades, and still on the cutting edge.

Aerial Fitness Bootcamps

Green, Blue & Red Aerial Fabric

Aerial Single Point Hoop


Dance Trapeze


Tippy Hoop


Aerial Yoga

**Bonus: Parties & Camps


**Dragonfly Kids! & Dragonfly Youth Program curriculums comply with insurance parameters of 12' max height. In addition, Hoop, Hammock, Bootcamp, Dance Trapeze,Aerial Yoga, and Parties are all under 12' max height as well!  

Aerial Bootcamp

We have programs for all ages, guaranteed to extend your revenue generating hours and provide fun for the whole family! What does Mom do when the kids are in school? ...or even when they are in gymnastics class?

Aerial Bootcamp has

proven to be a HIT!

Extending your gym's offerings to adults guarantees higher revenue possibilities! We take conditioning & fitness

to new heights!

Red Dragonfly

Red Dragonflies are cross-trained on mixed apparatus, just like gymnastics.  We incorporate Aerial Hoop, Aerial Hammock & Dance Trapeze.  This class is a big hit with all students as it offers diversity and excitement while broadening your skill set. Red Dragonflies work on choreography & performance as well as complex aerial mechanics like multi-rotational & multi-directional drops.

Green Dragonflies


Dragonfly Kids!

Our Little Dragonflies program is specially designed for ages 8-12. We utilize the use of a "knot" in addition to two tailed silks to teach young flyers about leverage & counterbalance while spinning & wrapping. We teach fundamental principles of how wraps work and proper body placement to insure the foundations for safety & 

injury prevention are enforced.

Blue Dragonflies

Our Blue Dragonflies are our boys & girls from 12 -16.  They have

learned some balance as well as 

foot locks, hip locks and how to use momentum and leverage as opposed to muscle. They are now learning

wrap mechanics & maneuvering, conditioning & broadening their vocabulary & implementing transitions & sequencing.

Aerial Hammock

From Beginners to Party curriculum, we have cultivated our aerial hammock curriculum to include some pretty amazing and wonderfully creative skills.  Beautiful and versatile in it's own right!

Aerial Hoop

Lyra, Cerceau, Hoop, Ring

Whatever you call it, it is a skill set that stands on it's own!  Our hoop curriculum not only accentuates our bootcamp skills but artistic and beautiful, it sure is a winner with our instructors!

Aerial Parties

What event is going to set you apart from all other gyms in your area?  The ability to offer aerial parties!  We will teach you a basic curriculum for beginners to just have fun and fly!  Aerial Parties can be priced at a premium and can appeal to not only the youth but are great for Bachlorette parties, Cross-fit parties and Team building events!

Everyone knows that the team is not enough if they are not consistently growing and learning themselves.  We draw from several different curriculum to structure and enrich our program. The foundation of our curriculum has been nearly 20 years in the making and tested teaching all levels of students from beginning children to professional specialty acts touring internationally. In addition to our own curriculum, you will find us drawing on curriculum from all over the world.  This keeps us well rounded and on the cutting edge of the aerial sport.  In addition, we consistently include guest artists for teacher workshops introducing new styles and keeping our curriculum fresh! 
When you become a Dragonfly Licensee, we send one of our teaching staff to you! 
We do not believe the fundamentals should be learned solely through videos.  Meeting you at your facility allows us to ensure your rigging is installed properly as well as meet your staff and ascertain which would be the strongest candidates to facilitate our program. It allows us to see your environment, discuss proper care and equipment maintenance with you hands on. Holding that first training with your staff will help us find those with the strongest ability to grasp our program the quickest.   We think it is best to work hands on with your instructors teaching proper spotting techniques and mechanics so that there is no margin for error in translation to your home Dragonflies.  After we have approved your instructors, we then will send curriculum with video on a monthly basis to continue to develop your staff to advance as well and will be testing them with the advancement of each level.  We have a network of qualified mentor instructors and rigging consultants available for on going hands on instruction in your gym!


Don't just teach them how to climb.

                           ...teach them how to FLY!

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