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Welcome to Aerial Yoga on the Yoga Trapeze!
Below is a video from Yoga Body on generally how to install your Yoga Trapeze on dual point.  Yoga Trapeze can easily be rigged with both sides originating into your primary point just as you do your aerial hammock.  However, if you would like dual point rigging for your trapeze (which is more stable from a balance perspective for new flyers), than you may want to purchase a second Spanset/Link combination from Dragonfly to bring in the second point utilizing a Daisy Chain (pictured below).  For the second point, you would simply sling the beam about 90 cm. over from your origination point.  Prior to class you would simply climb your silk on the primary point reach over and clip in a daisy chain to that secondary link and climb down.  From the floor or stepping on a high block mat, you can clip the second side of the hammock into a height appropriate point on the daisy chain.  This is perfect with the safety-lower out system.  If your equipment is rigged static, you may want two daisy chains per hammock point.  We can assist you via skype or send you additional videos should you have any questions.  We are happy to walk you through it all the way!  Our program is versatile, Yoga Trapeze can be used with the arm assists or with just the hammock for traditional aerial yoga class!
This month we introduce a basic yoga flow just to get you started! 
Contact Dragonfly to order your equipment and execute your aerial yoga program today!
Aerial Trapeze $85
Dual Point Set-up $80 (Daisy Chain/Link and Spanset)
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Daisy Chain

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