Aerial Parties

1. Pump up the music and get warmed up with some stretching.

2. Have students pull some taffy and find their proper shoulder placement with lifted hangs.

3. Introduce Basic first and then Russian Climbs- from "Lifted hang". 

4.Introduce a Foot Lock Sequence and take some pictures! 

5. Place students on the "Knot" to learn leveraging & counterbalance and have fun!

6. Introduce flying (wrist locks) 

Make sure to have some wrist wraps available for them!

Warming Up & Injury Prevention
Pulling Taffy
Gentle stretch to begin and end training. From a hanging position rotate in a circular motion.
Lifted Hangs
Fundamentals Start with Proper Shoulder Placement
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Basic/Classic American Climb
Teach this climb first as it preps descent for most other climbs as well as preps for foot locks.
Russian Climb
Practical and efficient climb. Sometimes referred to as French.
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Single Foot Lock Skills
Single Foot Lock
Ships Prow/Back Stag
Back Stag
Knee Hang
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Knot Skills
Pull Over
Gazelles & Stags
Pike to Climb Above
Knee Drop
Great Skill for working X chest pull over
Candy Cane
Mini drop.
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Double Foot Lock Skills
Double Foot Locks
Locking both Feet Evenly
Sous Sou Balance
Balance Skill for Spacial & Body Awareness
4th Position Balance
Balance the frees the hands for cross back preps
Double Foot Lock Resting Pose
Eiffel Tower
Simple but Intricate Wrap
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