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Your Training!

Although I had tried to document our training in video segments to be uploaded here, we had some severe technical issues resulting from a screen display malfunction on my device that caused an uploading error and then a complete crash affecting all video files. The good news is that everything we covered in training is on the site in individual skill video files.  The rigging information is in your rigging summary and there are rigging picture documentation as well.  I was able to recover pictures and have uploaded them here to document what an awesome time we had! The only thing that I feel you are actually missing in your resources is the spotting portion from our Summary and Review Session.  Therefore, I will be taping a "spotting" session at our home base today and Friday to upload for your review.  I believe you were able to get some on Terral's device but I would like you to have a complete uncut session for Green Level 1.  So, stand by for that and as always, if you have questions in the meantime, do not hesitate to reach out to me! 

We are blessed to have you ALL in our Dragonfly Aerial Company Coach Community!

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