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We are getting everything in order for your launch!  Some of your curriculum has been posted.

Feel free to call us or connect to discuss curriculum etc... We are excited to see you FLY!

Marketing Brochure
Marketing Banner

Step 1:

Place this photo on your website and link it to your landing

page address below.

Step 2:

Your posters, brochures and banners have been delivered! Place

these items in high traffic areas immediately.

Step 3:​

If you don't already, have a sign up sheet at the front desk for those interested who may not want to stand in line for more information.

Step 4:​

Create a Facebook page for your gym, If your gym is already on

Facebook, create a post with our "coming soon" picture above

and the link.  "Boost" the post, (we usually do about $20) We

suggest targeting audiences who favor the following: gymnastics,

dance, aerial dance, ice skating, cross-fit, pole, yoga, fabric,

hoop, silks and pilates.

Step 5:​

Contact your local news and local papers and ask them if your

gym can be a part of a "community interest" story and "get on

the news"!

Step 6:​

When you are about to launch your aerial program!  Please

change the, "Coming Soon"  link on your website to the,

"We Are Here!" Link:

Here is a new picture as well for your web page!

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