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Green Dragonfly 


Remember, these lesson plans are guidelines!

* Green level skills are where the majority of your students will in your program be at at any given time. These are core fundamentals, even when students have progressed to Blue you will want to continue to re-visit Green level skills.

Click on the Lesson Plan to view the accompanying skill sheet presentations.

This is a lot of information to retain and curriculum is built by flow but only the instructor can really plan for distribution upon their specific students abilities.   Don't rush them, always under assign as opposed to risk burning them out.  Make sure they leave empowered not defeated.  An average student will take  a year to cover all of the Green level 1 & 2 skills not including the time  time allocated for review.  If students as a group would like to hang out on a certain skill then let them. Remember, it is their class!

Happy Flying!

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