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Dragonfly Camps for Organizations 

What are "Flight Camps"?

     Dragonfly Flight Camps are a great choice for your School Assembly, Vacation Bible School, Gymnastics facility, Gym or any type of Camp situation where you would like a unique experience that soars above the competition.  We provide an introduction to aerial education for ages 5 and up! (9-16 being the optimal range)


What do Dragonfly camps look like?  Generally, we start with a large group warm-up,  than we break the students up into smaller groups of 4-6 students and assign them to 1 of about 8 skill stations.  Students rotate through to a new skill station about every 15 minutes.  We wrap up with a group game session and cool down!  Camps generally run 90 minute events of 50 students and can run up two 4 sessions in one day accommodating up to 200 kiddos in a day.  Camp events can be scheduled for one to 5 days consecutively.   We build the program around your event so theme, apparatus and structure is malleable.  Smaller programs receive a progressive curriculum with an opportunity to perform at the end!


Dragonfly provides all mats, apparatus and rigging as well as the staff to facilitate stations.  We are also properly insured with over 20 years in the industry. Price for camps vary depending on rigging requirements and number of students.  Camps are most often facilitated inside churches, large recreation rooms, cafeterias, gyms and even outside!   All with the rigging and curriculum safety standards that are Dragonfly caliber.  Take your event to all new heights this year and host a Dragonfly Aerial Flight Camp!

Dragonfly was nominated for the Peak Art Prize when we first launched our program.  Take a moment to watch the 3 minute video submission, outlining our program for funding, shortly after its conception. Here you can learn a little more about this program and the creators here at the Dragonfly Aerial Company.

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