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Dragonfly Flight School for Coaches

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What is "Flight School"?

     Our Flight School is an introduction to, and education on, running an aerial program

in a gym or athletic facility with the rigging and curriculum safety standards that

are Dragonfly caliber.  This may be a desireable alternative for those gyms that are

not sure they want to commit to an ongoing, profitable, and safety focused turn-key

aerial program as a Dragonfly Licensee.  We will help lay your foundation and get you

ready to leave the nest or assess your current program and give you tips and

suggestions on how to make it better and safer.  Gym owners who currently have

someone without credentials leading their aerial program may want a second opinion

on the rigging and the curriculum being used.  

This would make our Flight School a great option.


Insurance companies may request a Dragonfly Flight School Review before extending

aerial program coverage to a facility.

What do you get with

"Flight School"?


  •  Building Assessment

  • Rigging Consultation

  • 3 Point Static Fabric Package** 

  • 3 Day in Person Coaches, "Safety &

       Fundamentals" Training

"...but I have the equipment!"


Dragonfly Aerial believes firmly in

"Pack Your Own Parachute".  Did you know that if you drop a Swivel you compromise the integrity of the aluminum components inside?  Do you know if your hardware has ever been dropped? We Don't! Therefore, we insist on bringing in at least new swivels for our trainings and installs so we know you're starting off right!


Contact us now for more information!


*Safety Lower-Out Systems and/or

Trussing Systems will be an additional fee

What do you get with

"Dragonfly Licensing"?

              ●   Building Assessment

              ●   Rigging Consultation

              ●   3- 6 Point Static Fabric Package** 

              ●   3 Day in-Person Coaches "Artistic

                   Fundamentals" Training

In Addition:

  • Bootcamp Curriculum, (Guaranteed to Broaden Demographic and Increase Revenue in Non-Peak hours.)

  • Aerial Hoop & Curriculum

  • Aerial Hammock & Curriculum

  • Program Binder with ongoing monthly curriculum and article additions.

  • Custom letters for parents and student information packages, Class Rules, Terminology, Articles, Forms and Reports

  • "Coming Soon", Landing Page for your program launch

  • Elaborate Web Portal with your curriculum pdf's, Instructional Videos, and videos of your actual gyms rigging install and your gyms fundamentals training.

  • Monthly Coaches Webinar

  • Acess to Licensees Only Facebook Group Page

  • Daily Access to your Mentor Coach and Private Gyms Coach Facebook Page.

  • Monthly Inspirational Performances, Sequences & Spotlight Artist Articles & Podcasts.

  • Rigging Check Reminders

  • A Name and reputation that parents associate with quality and integrity

  • ...and much more

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