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Applied Anatomy with Dr. Emily Scherb

DR. EMILY SCHERB is a physical therapist specializing in the care, treatment, and education of circus performers. The owner of Pure Motion Physical Therapy in Seattle, WA, she is also the Resident Physical Therapist at SANCA, (the School of Acrobatics & New Circus Arts, where she works with students and staff to keep their bodies healthy. Since 1992 Dr. Scherb has trained, taught, and performed aerial arts around the world; with her love of circus arts and of the circus community, she has dedicated her practice to educating performers of all levels to prevent and recover from injuries through proper movement, balanced strength, and joint motion. Dr. Scherb also lectures nationwide to educate healthcare professionals on the unique challenges of treating and understanding the needs of circus artists. Dr. Emily continues to train on the trapeze in her free time. Dragonfly has partnered with Dr. Emily Scherb in order to ensure that our teacher trainees receive the highest caliber of aerial training, one that is rooted in an understanding of the most organic of aerial acrobatic foundation...our bodies. 

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